A change of heart…

I’m a Chair fan…I’ve always been….And I have always been against everything anti-Chair….What’s more I’ve hated everything and everyone that has been against Chuck and Blair together…But now this Dair thing is spreading across my body like a bad disease!!!!I never thought I would like Dan & Blair, just the idea of it was terrifying but I guess I was wrong because when I see Dan and Blair together is like having butterflies in the stomach…and now my heart is divided. I’m still a Chair fan and I’ll be glad if they end up together….but I’m also a Dair fan and I would love them to have the opportunity to develop a romantic relationship…They deserve a fair fight against Chair and if they end up together I’ll be glad as well…I would feel sad for Chuck, but he had his chance and he ruined it…many times…I really believe that Chuck and Blair will always love each other, they are soul mates, but maybe being a soulmate does not mean to be meant for each others as a lovers but just as friends…Which one will win my heart in the end? I don’t know, but for now I dare to Dair!

Just a few Dair things I’ve made…Hope you like them!

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